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Plug It! Smart Bro


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24 months lock-in period? Thats just sick! And what about the crappy service of smartbro, is it included in the package? :idiot2:

Besides, even though the plan only offers 799 per month, it does not offer unlimited access per month for 384kbps. I am sure Globe and PLDT offer better services.

These SmartBro guys really need some good  :knuppel2:

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Smart Bros portable wireless modem brings instant Internet access to remote places

Smart Bro Plan 799

Speed: up to 384Kbps

Usage: free 60 hours, Php10 per 30 minutes thereafter

Initial Setup Fee: Php1,999

Device: USB Modem

Lock-in Period: 24 months

Smart Bro Plan 999

Speed: up to 384Kbps

Usage: unlimited

Initial Setup Fee: Php999

Device: USB Modem

Lock-in Period: 12 months

i wonder if there's a tweak available for this?

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Guest ExtremeFusion

Smartbro and Smart Communication Company is a subsidiary of PLDT...

I don't know why the **** it sucks! (internet connection)

Considering the fact that they have 25 million, unsatisfied subscriber...

Why couldn't they have a better facility, 1 text per day out of all the subcriber means 25 million pesos money return.. geez imagine all of their subscriber spending 10 pesos a day...

BTW, SmartBro Plan 799 not worth it...

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