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A contender for the Nobel Peace Prize?

tommie gorman

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Well I believe it will do a lot more good than he did, even though his own house won't pass the criteria.

Solve Global Warming with Baking Soda12/10/2007

If you've got a problem around the house, chances are, you can solve it with baking soda.

Does your fridge smell like moldy cheese from the wedge of Roquefort you bought last week? Stick a box of Arm & Hammer on the shelf, and you won't notice the putrefying odor.

Did your son draw another cartoon on his bedroom wall? Dip a wet rag in baking soda to serve as a makeshift magic eraser.

From smells to stains to sunburns, this baking ingredient-cum-cleaning product is the solution to dozens of household hassles (check out this great list for more). But now, it looks like good old sodium bicarbonate might just provide a helpful solution to the planet's biggest problem: Global warming.

Allow us to explain: Factories' smokestacks are major pollutants, emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, which damage the ozone layer and contribute to global warming. But a new company called Skyonic has developed an innovative plan to trap the factory emissions before they can pollute the environment

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