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Xplornet in Ottawa and the Valley

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When I first moved to the country, my only option for internet was "Xplornet" also going by the name of "Lincsat" Satellite. Their link is: http://www.xplornet.com/splash.php. Most of my computer experience has been with high speed by either Rogers, or Bell.

Since I've been with Xplornet, all I've had is problems and loss of internet and loss of my work and now they just signed a contract with the city of Ottawa for all their rural areas. This is an OUTRAGE. Sometimes I wish there was a blacklist site where I could post this, but hopefully there are people from Ottawa here to read this.

My internet costs me $70.00 per month, plus tax. That's a little steep for only being able to be on the net for 15 days out of 30. (And I'm being generous). If it's not down, one of their power grids are broken, or it's raining in South America, or they don't have enough IP addresses to go around. Way too many excuses. Or, you have to power cycle your computer and modem everyday in order to get this not much faster than dial up for that $70 bucks per month to work. I actually tried to get out of my contract but was told that I would have to pay them a large sum of money to do so. (I stupidly signed a three year contract). Oh, did I mention that there was an absorbanent set up fee? And, if something goes wrong, you have to pay to have it serviced. So, if you're thinking of doing Xplornet, please think again, as this is unreal (in a bad sense). :buck2:

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welcome  :welcome: to testmy.net PerfectPrincess...maybe someone with uyou service can help you maximize your connection... run a test then post your system specs in there along with your test results...

check this out...go explore the xplornet provider boards...http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?board=109.0

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Because I live in the country, I am not able to get any other internet, unless I get dial up! I am waiting for some other type of service to become available. I am just upset at what they promise and then not delivering. Do you understand now? Also, they've been losing a lot of mail lately... something about changing servers. It's just a shame that people on this service who don't have an alternative have to suffer!!  :knuppel2:

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Xplornet has gone to Tucows for email changes....... Some emails may take a few days to come back..

Tucows Offers 'Worry-free email'


Thats why you now need you full email address to log in to the server.

Outsourcing means lower total cost of ownership

Consider the savings an outsourced email service can provide:

Well at least Xplornet has not done like Wildblue internet in the States. Wildblue switched everyone to Google mail(free already). And all the spam that comes with it. And a new home page, etc.

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