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  1. Heres the Firefox one. Just had to find the file.
  2. This is the wifes background. Mine is usually a Firefox one .
  3. But what do they do with the collected information? FREE may be GREAT, but does it mean more snail mail to your phones address or Telemarketers calling you? " other than those acting on behalf of FREEDIALUP.ORG"
  4. I love privacy agreements. http://www.freedialup.org/site/content/view/21/26/ Collection and Use of Personal Information. FREEDIALUP.ORG will collect, store, compile and utilize information about you, your computer, your phone number and your use of the FREEDIALUP.ORG Services including, without limitation, information regarding the Web sites you visit. However, FREEDIALUP.ORG will not disclose your name, address, telephone number, credit card number(s), e-mail addresses or other personal identifying information to third parties other than those acting on behalf of FREEDIALUP.ORG, unless you give FREEDIALUP.ORG consent to do so or except as may be required by law. But this part is priceless... Exception to Spammers and/or Abusers: Any user who uses FREEDIALUP.ORG services for spamming or inconjucntion with spamming (such as including but not limited to spam advertised web pages) at sole discreation of FREEDIALUP.ORG, will have no privacy to their collected information where such collected information will be published or shared with third parties. If you abuse FREEDIALUP.ORG services, you agree such information to become public.
  5. I've seen various posts about Hughesnet Spaceway3 being slowly loaded up with customers. It's KA band and dealers are not allowed to say or advertise about it..That way the dealers can dump their KU band equipment, without the 'customer' calling for much blood to be spilled, when they get put on the oversold satellites. I give it a year before being over-sold... Oh. And the excuse for not telling people about the KA band? Satellite is lower on the horizon and customer may not get a good line of site to it.. So glad to have DSL... But one day, the people will rise up and demand 'minimum speeds' for Satellite internet. If you can get them out of their recliners.
  6. Both of my machines (Vista and XP)... When my son would play Flash games, they would either freeze or cause an error during the game or even loading the Flash game. So I got graphics cards a while back and now no more problems.
  7. Check out this link and see what the feds are hoping to be the basis to call broadband or high speed internet. http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9898118-7.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20
  8. I still have IE 6. Only use it for windoze updates(none of that auto-update crap either. Pick and choose). Hopefully the XP SP3 does not upgrade it. But I'm chicken to do the Service Pack update until at least 2 more weeks. My Vista Basic box is ready for the updates to SP1. But Vista box does not have any important stuff on it. Other than the Blue Screen of Death add-on that Microsoft so graciously added as a feature.
  9. Some of them buses have those bicycle racks on them. Great place to put lumber as long as it's not over 8 foot long. And if you request the handicapped bus to come to your house is even better. But some of them want proof of injury before they let you on.
  10. If you can handle taking the dreaded bus for the day, You don't have to buy gas for that particular day. Works better than delaying your gas purchase.
  11. My home page is a blank page. So I can always have a change of routine, by just clicking a different bookmark in Firefox. But I have never had a homepage anyways for when I was on dialup, instead of the DSL I'm on now. Why waste the bandwidth or time.
  12. I thought I had read that the satellite was only supposed to last a couple of years, while they 'test' the technology. Just like the current spot beam satellites up there. But in 2011...A New and improved one for those pizzed at Wildblue, Xplornet, etc. will be launched. I think many people on satellite have pretty well given up and have gotten dial up accounts for prime time anyways. But our North American Government Over-Lords think North America has 98% broadband coverage already, so no need for land based upgrades to your home.
  13. I love Vista... I rarely ever experienced the Blue Screen of Death with my XP box. Vista Basic improved with a video card and needs at least 512 memory to run(thats for what programs are using at the start up). And I still am killing non-needed process's. I am waiting for at least another 3 weeks, just in case it needs a bit of a tweak of the service pack a touch more.
  14. Xplornet has gone to Tucows for email changes....... Some emails may take a few days to come back.. Tucows Offers 'Worry-free email' http://services.tucows.com/services/email/ Thats why you now need you full email address to log in to the server. Outsourcing means lower total cost of ownership Consider the savings an outsourced email service can provide: Well at least Xplornet has not done like Wildblue internet in the States. Wildblue switched everyone to Google mail(free already). And all the spam that comes with it. And a new home page, etc.
  15. Every ISP has an ISP . But with Xplornet their ISP that provides the actual bandwidth to them,,Shows up when you do the speed tests. Some area of the Xplornets wireless system, shows up as Ontario Hydro as the ISP. Internet over (main transmission) power lines.
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