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Secondary IDE's BAD Status & Windows Delayed Write Failure!!

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Guest aneljr009


During the BIOS setup, it shows that my secondary hard drive's status is BAD...I don't know how fix this AND every time I transfer, install & download large files (200 MB & above) to my secondary IDE, a yellow triangular icon with an ! mark saying WINDOWS DELAYED WRITE FAILED always appear & stops me from transferring, slows my PC and I have to reboot. My secondary IDE have larger capacity (40GB) than my primary so I'm using it for storing large files. I have reformatted my PC several times because of this but it don't work, I can't install my OS in that IDE because it always crash at the middle of installation. Can I fix this through REGEDIT? HELP!!!!

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I think for once the bios may be right ,I guess to have SMART enabled on that drive ?,

first thing to check is the connections to that drive maybe (D ) ? and have you changed the jumper settings ? on that drive or added a cd/dvd on that channel , 

I call mine slave , and © master,  :lol: the politicaly corect folk will blow a fuse at that I guess ,

if all is OK , can you run error checking on the second drive ,

personaly I would try and save  files from the secondary drive ,

to your primary drive or to DVD if you can , as it don't look good on that drive ,

BTW follow mudmanc post

Check out<a href=http://support.microsoft.com/kb/330174>This Page</a> , looks like maybe your write cache is turned off, or your BIOS is configured to force faster UDMA modes than are supported by your HDD. Or possibly you are using the 40 pin cable instead of an 80.

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