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Newbee Testresults COMODO uTorrent

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, the internet & the world of PC. This is my problem ....In the program uTorrent under setup it states that i need to input my up-speed in "kilobits per second" not "kilobytes" but because of my limited experience with PC's I'm really not sure which numbers to use. I've included a screen shot of my test results (are they good-bad-average) Also I'm having much trouble with my COMODO firewall allowing uTorrent full access to the internet  :angry: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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My version of COMODO is  And thank you for the link to the conversion tool but i really have no idea what numbers are bits or bytes (it's all the abbreviations that confuse me Kbps, kb/s, kbs, kB, ect) so I'm still not sure how to proceed  :undecided:

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