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i think something is damaged...

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but i'm not sure what it is.  my computer is freezing up randomly, but not a complete freeze.  first the program i'm running at athe time will freeze, either my browser, adobe photoshop, whatever.  then when i minimize that and try to open something else, the rest freezes, ctrl alt delete does nothing and i end up having to reboot.  sometimes it freezes twice in a row within 10 minutes, other times it freezes twice a week.

people have told me it could be my video card, but i'm not sure how to test the video card.  i can't take it out because my monitor plugs into my video card.

other people have told me it could be the RAM or the hard drive, or even the processor.

i'm just looking for another professional opinion before i try to play around with it.  i think i may have damaged something when i messed with my video card a few months back.  i got shocked a few times because i didn't ground myself properly  :cry:

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hang on huny...someone will help ya...give ur brother (e) a big hug for me (eh go ahead and hug everyone) and ur mom a big hug and kiss...

u've been having this problem for quite some time...i can't remember what u did to ur vid card...refresh our memory...

and ur specs while ur at it...tell everything u can think of

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Man , I thought you had this one taken care of.

Have you run any memory tests ?

  I think you just have a bad stick of ram, I would hope thats all it is.  Unless there is something that is eating your memory. Do you have two sticks of ram, if you do, shut down, unplug, then take one out, and start up.

Before doing this :

Start task manager, and look to see how much ram is being used, compared to what you have.

EDIT : especially if you have ECC . Many people buy this stuff, and it's really only good for servers and such.

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