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external dvd+R+RW drive


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sorry if this is in the wrong place, but my question is this. i just got this new dvd+R+rw drive and i was wondering if i can use this as my main burner and turn off the drive from the computer since its a dvd/cdrw burner as well. the reason i want to do this is every time i use nero or Exact audio copier they give me an option to choose which burner to use but when i close the programs and use them at a later time it will no longer give me the option to use the external drive unless i close down the programs and shut off the computer and restart it. i hope this made sence if not i am sorry i just dont know what to do.

i use a HP computer

windows XP Home with SP2

brand new computer

thanks for the help!

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ok check this out. i use a external hard drive as well  its a 120 gig seagate. anyhow, when i turn the external hard drive off and then open nero or exact audio copier i can now choose which burner to use the dvd/cdrw internal or the mad dog dvd+R+RW external. when i turn on my external hard drive i no longer get the option for my dvd+R+RW. i use USB 2.0 for both my externals as well. seems like something is wrong with the external hard drive not sure though very strange!!!!

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my guess is that since both are usb2.0 connection what the computer is trying to do is limit the case of buffer under-run..  LIke if you were pulling from the usb hard drive and burnning to the dvd drive.. there wouldnt be enough bandwidth to support both drives at the same time... It is just a built in feature most likely...

When you are not using the programs you can still access both correct?

I would think that if you were to use firewire and USB 2 it might let you do it.. Nero is just freaking out.. my guess would be

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