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need video card


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i have a hp a600n desktop and i want to replace the graphics card. here are the specs...

AMD Athlon(B) XP 2800+ 2.08 GHz:

Advanced 333 MHz front side bus

Socket A


Via KM400A


ASUS name: A7V8Z-LA

HP/Compaq name: Kelut-GL6E

Integrated with up to 64 MB allocated video memory

PCI Three (two available)

AGP 8x One (available)

RAM (installed)  512 MB (1 x 512 MB) up to 64 MB shared video memory

Maximum allowed 1 GB (2 x 512 MB)

i have 1 gig of ram installed it says max is 1 gig so i shouldnt add more right?

just want somthing other than the onboard card.


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