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Not sure what to do next....if anything

bill nicol

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Well, I'm new to this forum, but was a long time member of Outfront Forums so at least I know how a forum runs.  Fact is, I actually run a free Forum on another site.

Anyway, not sure what, if anything I'll be doing to tweak and/or check things on my PC, but as a short intro to myself just let it be known that I'm a bagpiper and am known on that circuit as: The Chief.

I hope to learn a lot of stuff on this forum so I'm counting on all of you seasoned vets.

Glad to be aboard.


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Hmmmm....folding stats and machine specs.....geeze..I've got a long way to go to get up to speed with some of the terminology.. 

I spent around 40 years in the computer business going back to cards and readers, punches, and collaters.   Passing through the IBM 360 and 370 eras, and ushering in early PC's.    I was there for the OS/2, Unix, Mac, and DOS/Windows wars.   Got into html and that's about when the leading edge of technology passed me by and never looked back... LOL

Thank goodness for the forum I mentioned earlier (Outfront).   They got me through a lot of website stuff.   But now, I'm more interested in what's going on inside my PC and on my Broadband service.   Looking forward to hearing from you and others and learning new bits and bobs.   Seems like a pretty good forum.

Oh, and I like the bug.

Thanks again,


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