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help.. i need a flv to mp3 converter..

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YouTube offers this one:


You can also check this site .I offers different freeware that would otherwise be shareware.

They frequently have various video software.You just have to check everyday till you find one you like.

The only catch is you have to download,install & register the software on the day it is available.

I have found several softwares I like & use there.


You might also try Super:


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Ok It depends on some of the software you have.

I haven't tried this strait from commercial DVD .

I have always used a backup copy of a commercial DVD.(Trying to keep the info legal)

Use SUPER which is freeware.I posted a link above.If I remember right you have to go through about 3 or 4 pages at the site before you get to the actual DL.If you already have it then.

You use the Super Output container as mp3 audio only.

There is a window in the lower part of the Super interface.Right click on it.

select "Add Multimedia files".

Then select the DVD/Video_TS folder.

In the files of type pulldown select VOB file.This should now have only the VOB files.Highlight them.

This should put them in the File name window .Open it with button.

The VOBs should now be in the lower Super window.

Now if you want to put the files in a new folder.Create one.

Right click the lower window again & select "Output File Saving Management"

Make the settings in the Super Audio window you want.

With a DVD you probably want 44100 sampling freq 2 channel & 320 bitrate.192 on the bitrate is usually good enough though if you want to use less space.That would be for a mp3 conversion.

Select the Encode button & Super will put the converter mp3's in the new folder.

It takes a while.

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Coknuck :

Just a couple of things I need to add.I did some testing .

SUPER any version will not convert strait from a commercial DVD by itself.

The SUPER v.2008.build30 would with AnyDVD enabled.

I was using SUPER v.2008.build30.It reported Errors but did the conversion to mp3.

They played fine but I didn't listen to the whole DVD's mp3's created.I just spot checked them.

I also did this:

I ripped the DVD with DVD Fab 5 free version to the HD.This decrypted it.

This way AnyDVD wasn't necessary.But same Error report as above.

Then I went to the eightsoft/SUPER site & got the updated version build 33.

I'm still doing some testing with this one.

Heres what I found so far:

I ripped the DVD with DVD Fab 5 free version to the HD.This decrypted it.

It would convert to mp3 without an error but was slower.

The only problem I found was you have to make sure each VOB has Audio.(Some don't.)& it was slower.

But no Errors.

If you have a VOB that doesn't have Audio the SUPER gets stuck on it.It keeps trying to do the conversion but since it can't find any audio it just keeps trying on that vob file.

You can check your VOB files with MediaInfo to make sure it has Audio.It's the one I use anyway.


The just put the VOB's with Audio in the Add Multimedia files window.& Encode.

I still haven't tried to join or mux the separate mp3s into one large mp3 file that would play the whole DVD soundtrack.

I don't know exactly what software to use for that since I've never needed to do it.

I am going to test with AnyDVD strait from commercial DVD with version 33 also but haven't yet.

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Total Video Converter


Total Video Converter is a powerful and versatile video conversion software which supports playing, converting all kinds of video and audio formats files to be played in iPod, PSP, Zune, cellphone, PMP, PDA etc.  Integrated, Media Burning tool burns the converted files to AUDIO CD, video DVD/SVCD/VCD

I use this and it works great.Go to the web site above for more info.

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Deltamusic ;

Total Video Converter has a free trial but then you have to pay for it.

Or does it have a crippled  free version a person can continue to use ?

Also does it decrypt commercial  DVDs ?

Coknuck ;

I did try SUPER with AnyDVD strait from the commercial DVD & VOB files that contained audio .This worked.

I am now trying a couple of other things since this doesn't put the movie sound track in correct order.You get everything Extras,special effects ,etc.

So is what you are after is an mp3 of the main movie sound track so you can listen to the movie in just audio ?

Or do you plan just to cut out what you want songs for example.

I'm now trying just main move done by Shrink from the full DVD ripped with DVD Fab 5 (free) at the uncompressed 9GB size. I'm using no compression in Shrink.This gave me 4 VOBs that should be in correct order.

SUPER will turn this into 4 mp3s.

I then plan to test another software (free) to see if I can join the 4 mp3 into 1 large mp3.

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You are welcome Coknuck .If you will let me know what from a DVD you want to make mp3s of I think I have it down pretty good now.

Here's the method with all freeware for one large mp3 of the main movie.

1.Rip the DVD to the HD with DVD Fab HD Decrypter (Free).Full size (9GB) setting.

2.With DVD Shrink v. 3.2 open files from DVDFab copy to the HD.

3.Select ReAuthor then add main movie title.Set compression settings at no compression.

4.Select Backup.Shrink will put a main movie copy on your HD.On the movie I used this had 4 VOBs.

5.With SUPER select mp3 for output.Make settings you want for the mp3s.

6.The settings I used were: Sampling Freq 44100  2 channel bitrate 192 default language.

7.Add the VOBs from the Shrink main movie BU copy.

8. Select in SUPER "Output File Saving management" (right click anywhere on SUPER for settings panel).

     Select location for the mp3 files.It will create one for each VOB.

9.From these mp3s use Meda MP3 Joiner.Add the mp3 files.Select "start to merge" .


10.That's it you now have one mp3 for the main movie audio.

If you wanted any of the Extra titles made into mp3s you could have selected them in Shrink where you can Preview them..

If I wanted any of the Extras made into mp3s I would do them after the main main movie in there own folder.

Then rename them in order.run the VOBs through SUPER & add the to the mp3 merge.I didn't try that but I hope they would be in order after the main movie mp3.

megabytez ; SUPER has four different mp4 conversions available.

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Are they encrypted?

I don't have anything like that to practice with.

If there not encrypted.You could load them directly in Shrink.

Preview the titles select what you wanted.Use Backup.Then put those VOBs in SUPER to convert to mp3s.

I would match the bitrate & other settings as well as possible in SUPER.

VLC player if you have it will let you play the individual VOBs so you can see if they are in correct order.

Then you can merge them into one mp3 if you want to.

That would probably be easier than tapeing & using Audacity .Although Audacity is a nice software too.

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Coknuck ; I just wanted to know this if you know .

Are the focus group DVDs in standard DVD movie format?

For example are the files in them .vob , .ifo , .bup  ?

One more thing . mp3s on a DVD disc  will play only on a computer.

They won't play on most settop DVD players.

There are supposed to be a few that do but I'm not sure how long any of these will be available.

You see the RIAA & MPAA have stopped this because they don't want anyone to put 600 plus songs on one DVD.

I think there is a chip that prevents this like the Macrovision chip.


If anyone has a settop DVD player or player/recorder that will play DVDs with mp3s on them please post the model.

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