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usb flash ???

Guest helloimtim

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Ok I am not real up to speed on all the latest harware stuff for computers. I have seen usb flash drives. I am guessing it acts like a tiny portable harddrive? Am I right? Can files from the net be downloaded to it?  A link or  some general info would be greatly apreciated. Is it like a HUGE portable floppy disk? I have looked around seen them but no real explination on what it really does? Is there a downside to it? Thanks in advance.........

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All of your questions have one only one answer.. YES!!  The only real down side is that they can be damaged if you get them wet, drop them, smash them, or break them.. the most common is for them to go through the washing machine...

The official definition.. http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/U/USB_flash_drive.html

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:cool: flash drives are the best thing since sliced bread. they come in all sizes from 32meg up to 2gig.

about booting up; technically u could use one to boot nup ure system bu seein it operates from the usb socket

you'd need windows to do it.

i use one all the time and havent broken it yet. of course they're easily damaged - then so is a mobile fone if you drop it!!

some guys use the usb drive from their mp3 player to do the same job if they have one.

u dont need a driver if u use win xp - if u have win 95(duh!) or 98 or ME u do.

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