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please can someone help me in accessing my canopy  :sad: i tried everything

except climbing  my 20ft high canopy......

i tried the 169.xxx.xxx.xx access tweak but it still doesn't work..

i tried the tweak but it still doesn't work....

and i can't climb my canopy because its tooo high...

did i miss something????? is there another way to access my canopy

someone please reply or add a link for a solution....my i.p address is the 192.168.249.XXX series...

others think its my default gateway...but its not..its really my IP address...please someone help me T_T  :idiot2: im going nuts

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Guest dzep007

Maybe try this.

In your TCP/IP Properties make sure "Obtain an IP address automatically"  is checked.

Then open your browser,load your homepage first to make sure you have internet connection,

then type on the address bar.

Hope that works.

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try using for the IP address and just press the tab to automatically get the Subnet.

after that  open command prompt and type    arp -a

spam arp -a  on the command prompt until you see the address of your canopy.

then type that ip address on your web browser.

P.S. just try and try you can do it  :laugh:, when i was new here i also experienced that,

until i successfully opened my canopy homepage  :cheesy:

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i also found something that might confuse or interest you or.....you already know about this.....you all know that i have the 192.168.xxx.xxx ip type right??? but after checking it with some ip detector websites it says that i have the an ip of 125.60.xxx.xxx i asked smart about this but they told me its confidential?? they suck really....any ideas???

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