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need a gammers advice.


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Hopeing for even more advice and I apreciate everything up to this point. Thinking of jumping up my procesor as well. Have the dual core atholon 4200 may make the jump to this one.

      Its exactly the same as mine only instead of 4200 plus its the 6000 plus.  Have a asus mother board m2npvm .  http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?action=post;topic=24627.0;num_replies=5

Im runnig 2 gig of ram. Thought I would stick a couple hundred in some upgrade, My box should be ok fine for a couple more years. Apreciate all the imput. Thanks guys and gals.

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The 9800gt stock is about 3% faster then the 8800gt stock.  The difference is that the 9800gt puts out less heat due to the 65nm process.  Thus manufacturers are keen to overclock as JustinLay mentioned.  I still think the 8800gt at $130 can't be beat by anything under $160.

GPU Charts

Best Video Cards For The Money: Sept '08

O, thanks for reminding me dlewis23, the HD 4670 at $79 ties with a 9600gt at $99 and should be considered in the $0-$100 race.

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Heating really should not be a issue. I have a 120mm front and back of my case, 80 mm top side. Everything I have seen continues to point me to the 8800. Even toms hardware. I am not looking for a hardcore push every game to max, brag about fps or whatever. I simply want the game to run with out stuttering and such.  I planed on 200 bucks on the upgrade. That card with the 6000 dual core processor puts me right there in that range. Should get me by for a couple more years.

Only thing that scares me is switching out the cpu. The 6 connector needed for the 8800 has me a bit baffled. Not sure I have that. I only have a 400 watt power supply. So I continue to look around and google the heck out of everything.  This will be the last upgrade for this set up. Will buid a new one in 2 or 3 years.

I have the antec 400 watt smart power. So I think I should be ok fine with the updates mentiond. If anyone see a problem Please let me know asap. I ship out my order Oct 3 friday morning.  I will abort if anyone see a problem



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From what I read the power requirement for a computer to run a 8800GT is 400 to 425 watts and 22amps on the 12 volt rail.  The card you picked come with a adapter for the 6 pin connector. Changing the cpu is no big deal http://www.pchardware.co.uk/install-amd-64-processor-guide.php

EDIT - Here is a You Tube video showing how it is done. The grounding strap are a little overboard, I just touch the case before I pick up the CPU.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn14oA6Db4k

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