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asus motherboard help PLEASE!!


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Did you install the video card too. I get a high pitch beep out of my video card when I am using it for  folding @ home. If you did ,try putting the 8600 back in to see if the beep goes away.

Yea Buntz, That was the problem Someone installed the card without hooking up the power to the card,I am such a dork.

Have yet to really push the upgrades I just installed. Give me a few days. Be intresting to see how big of diffrence I get with the new video card and 6000 dual core cpu I put in.

Installing the cpu was really easy. Only have one question if anyone knows. The peace that holds the fan to the heat sink is kinda goofy. The old one had 4 screws, The new heatsink just has 4 tiny holes, Any Idea how to remove it for cleaning??

Another queston, Software to keep a eye on cpu temps, Its a amd dual core and a asus mother board, Plus for video card??

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