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Temp. Internet files with firefox


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I want to know how to save my temporary internet files so i can get it back next time i come back to the page.

for example: if i watch a video and then leave the page or close firefox. I want to be able to come back to that page and watch that video without reloading it.

recently i was watching a movie that took a long time to load. and about a half hour into it, it went to a different website for some reason. and now i lost that entire video.

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that kinda helped Buntz. I was able to find a youtube video that i just watch in my cache, and play it through Winamp media player. I increased the size of my disk cache to accommodate larger videos.  So if I loose another video i should be able to find it in the dish cache and still be able to play it.

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I got the CacheViewer. and it seems to work. I dont plan on using it everyday, just when a video i want get lost.

Ive only tried it on a flash video. I dont need it for flash because they load quickly anyway. I would mostly use it on a divx format, because of the long load times.

Thx for the help guys

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