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You guys and gals been reading up on windows 7 ??


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If Microsoft delivers on stuff like this story  http://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-cpu-gpu,6645.html Its gonna be a major blow to video cards. If I am understanding it right games like crysis will not even need a video card to play??  If the other things I am seeing and such, I may finally put away xp and go with windows 7. I just feel bad for people that spent all that money on that pos vista. Vista is gonna be a white elephant type of software.

You guys seen anything else of interest good or bad??

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The title is kinda misleading.

If you look at the average FPS there for a core i7 with WARP running crysis its only 7.36 FPS. Thats not playable.

WARP is designed to allow people to take advantage of DX10 who don't have a DX10 video card, or have a integrated card with no 3D acceleration. This doesn't kill graphics cards, it allows them to do everything in DX10 with out having to worry about if the end user has a DX10 graphics card.

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