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need help


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i got my new mobo and cpu yesterday install both of them and when i try to install a os i start hitiing some speed bumps. at first when i tried to install vista i would get a can not rind a cdd/dvd device driver to fix that i switched dvd drives it fixed that. but then i hit a diffrent speed bump when i after i choose what disk i want to install to i get an error at the end saying that vista could not update the boot configration. so i try to reinstall now and i get a your system hardware may not support booting to this drive please check bios to see if the controler is enabled. i try to select a drive and windows says it can not find a volume that meets its critera So i say ok back to xp but i am hiting even more speed bumps when i get to the screen to choose what drive i would like i install to i try my maxtor 320 gig setup says that windows needs to install to a partiton, so i try to install to the outher disk it installs to that disk but whne i try to boot to it i get a windows is missing a file error hal.something file

and when i install xp to the 320 maxtor drive i get a disk read error when i try to boot to it

mobo is a gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3P

cpu is 9600 phonom be

first drive is a ide 320 gig maxtor

2nd drive is a 250 gig wd sata drive

could it be that my both my harddrives just went bad

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I know xp has problems with sata drives. Vista may be the same ?? Unsure about that. May try to reinstall if you can the motherboard drivers that should of come on a disk with the new mobo.

You also may try the cd that came with your harddrives to format them before you try the install?

It is possible you could have a bad harddive. Maybe just unhook one of the two drives, hopefully you have one thats not sata and is ide. Just hook up one ide drive and try your install from that.

Just trying to throw you a few ideas that may help. Its to bad you can not get xp with sata drivers already pre installed ya know. That would probally be the way to go. To bad its not possible if ya know what im saying.

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You can do what I usually do. I run Darik's Boot & Nuke first. This will eraser the whole harddrive of all the partition on the harddrive. Then install Vista. I have never had any problems when I did it this way.


You can also use a partition manager on the harddrive first. I use Cute Partition Manager. Burn it to a cd ,then boot the computer using the disk and eraser all of the existing partition making one big partition. I then make at lease two partition. One for windows [ min of 50 GB for Vista ] one for my games and any other downloads.


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Try using Darik's boot and nuke. This wiill eraser the whole drives. It will take some time to work. Just let it run, at first it will write over the whole drives twice, then it will blank the whole drives. It will take at lease two hours to compete. It may take longer, the size of the harddrives and the speed of the computer will make a different in how long it take to finish.

Edit - To use Darik's boot and nuke you will have to downloads first/burn it to a CD/ then set the BIOS to use the CD as the first boot device, then boot the computer using the disk

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Try doing one drive at a time. Unhook the WD drive and do the Maxtor first. Then do the WD by itself. If it will still not find  the WD drive you may have a bad drive. This way you can at lease get the computer up and running using the Maxtor drives.

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300 hours left so i stoped, maxtor drive is about 7 months wd is about year and 6, i got a new mobo and cpu because on the 26th i went to get on my computer in the morning and tryed to boot it up it would boot then restart then it would restart befor it would even start to load the os so i went in a restarting loop, and that gave me the incentive to get a new cpu

i ran superfisk it said my boot sector was on line 33 on one hard drive and on the second one it said 2043 and it asked me if i wanted to fix it and set it back to 1 and i did

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