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Boot Time


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Hi Coknuc, sorry I couldn't get your script to work on Xp. (script error )

I use Microsoft's Boot vis , it gives great detail and a optimise option ,

but I guess its how you judge a restart to have completed , I get to a working Desktop in around 20 seconds ,shown by the red line with a cube on top ,

and certainly ready to go in under 30 seconds ,

my secrete is in the task manager Pic , 29 running processes , including software firewall ,AVG , desk top calender , wallpaper changer and net meter

my puter is a lowly 2.6Ghz dual core Athlon with 2Gb of mem.

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I'll have to give the M$ one a shot. I wonder if it will work on Windows 7? I'll let you know in a little bit! :wink:

thanks , and I will try and spell your name right next time  :idiot2:

I am skipping Vista , but I might go for win 7 , and if forced may even pay for it ,

and that would be a first for me   :lol:

BTW, my Xp pro is ligit , it was a gift from adoring female fans  :smitten:, and not one under 65 years , bless them , :notworthy:

P.s , looks like is only for Xp ? ,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BootVis

although I disagree about it not helping home users , it works for me ,you can do a trace B4 and after ,

it lops off about 5  seconds for me , but the + 5secs returns after a time , I use it about once a month or so , when I do a big clean up session on my puter , LOL my "c" drive has only 6.25|Gb used  ,

lean and clean is my motto

edit to correct link ?

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