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Wildblue.net is it worth it?


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AHHHh.....well your bandwidth is the speed at which your connection operates at....

Your threshold is the amount of data that you are allowed to download before being penalized. That could be a daily limit (as is my case with Hughes) or it could be a monthly limit.

I would guess you've been down loading a lot of songs/movies/or watching youtube clips.....those things will get ya. :sad:

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Well.....with wildblue.......same as me....the only FIX is diffrent ISP provider or a more expensive package.

As an example...I'm limited to 200M in a 24 hour period. A 5 min youtube clip is around 20M...so you see it adds up quickly..... :shocked:

Limit yourself.. :wink2:

And automatic software updates take their toll too.... [nerdly]

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Ahhhh...ok gotcha! :wink: Sucks that they charge you for videos, movies & software updates though. Guess I will remove all that  :sad:

Thank you soooo much for your help!!! :grin: I have even upgraded from the middle package to the Pro package & am having this problem. maybe they didn't upgrade me like they were supposed to?

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Somewhere in you user control panel....(for wildblue) it should show you that info...

And having them on your computer isn't the problem...that's OK at this point...it's the downloading of it that gets ya.

Here's a better example of it....bandwidth is whether or not you have signal for your phone.

Threshold is the number of minutes that are left for the month/or on your card.

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You have the standard WildBlue new user syndrome.

Faster than dialup.

So you experience all the Internet has to offer. Just like the ad's say.

And within a couple of weeks, your 'monthly usage limit' is almost hit. Also know as FAP.

So then you upgrade to a higher package and get a little bit more gigabytes per month to help avoid the dreaded 2 week slowdown if you hit the limit.

All the data that you do on the Internet with your ISP(WildBlue) counts to your limit. It is not a thing of 'downloading'. It's data transfer. From webpages and emails and music and videos.

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"I'm also a WB user (sigh) but try this to monitor your usage.It's free"

Could you explain what if any difference there is in metal-machine and the one wildblue (or dishnet) provides?



Well for one, it sits on your toolbar for easy look-up and has totals and reports for daily,weekly,monthly. You dont

need to go through the sign-in (WB) to see it. Just a suggestion so you know what your DL/UL totals are at a glance,before

you get FAPed again.

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