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New Way To Increase The Speed


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hi been a long time!!!! not posting here in testmy (sorry for my bad english :grin2:)

Thanks to COOLBUSTER  formula for making my internet faster...

1. first of all follow the coolbuster formula..

2.download the needed software

ccleaner http://www.ccleaner.com/download

cablenut http://www.download.com/CableNut/3000-2155_4-10060128.html

tcp/ip patch http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads

3.use anti virus with less memory consumption.




4. use firewall (by using  firewall its block the application to connect the internet that means few application connect to internet the more speed you will get according to my observation)


5.follow my instruction. hehe thanks!

A.after downloading the software above install ccleaner(after installing this software leave this first) then install cablenut and download the setting of coolbuster(i forgot where its located) then click tcp/ip by LvlLord.de

after that a new window will pop...change 10 to 50 then click yes a new window will pop out click ignore or cancel.

B.install anti virus and firewall note i know having firewall its irritating but we need this if you want.

thats all!!

post here if you have some problems..  i will updates this soon if i find something useful.

note i don`t suggest using proxy it might store your personal info or can be view by other people its your choice if you want to use it.

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