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General cable broadband question!


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I subscribe to a 5Mbps service option and regularly test between 4.9 and 5.1Mbps in the morning.  Now I'm well aware of how traffic effects performance with cable broadband but last night I was only getting like 250Kbps.  I emailed a complaint, including screenshots from last night and the 5.1Mbps test from this morning (so they knew there wasn't anything wrong with my pc ), to my ISP.  I never received a response, however tonight I'm always testing over 4.8Mbps, which never happens during the evening.  I never saw any trucks in our neighborhood today so my question is, did they fix something in the whole town or could they somehow "release" more bandwith to my IP?  Thank You!

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My first thought would be they had a bad card in a node, this would account for a bandwidth loss during the evening when network traffic was at it's highest so the traffic was being routed through the properly functioning parts of the equipment, and it finally took a deep southbound turn that seriously effected everything going through it. Sometimes it's not always that simple to diagnose a node issue since there are so many that really have no concern that there system is running slow because there only on during the slow time, or they just have no idea at all so they never call because there used to it being this way. So unless you have eager technicians , or in other words intelligent life forms running the local ISP area, you don't get far and this goes on until it finally shits out.

Or there could have been a bad leak somewhere from weather, and the recent thaw, wind and rain took it's toll.  Who knows, but hey, you got your service back up there, for now lol

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