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DW6000 DHCP Server


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Has anyone here had the DHCP server in their DW6000 stop working?

A couple of months ago, I had no connectivity on any of my networked computers. When I checked into it, the machine had the default 169.*... IP address assigned to it.

For a fix, I assigned IP addresses manually on the machines. I tried resetting the DW600 about 1000 times, dreading calling DW support.

I finally did. First level support did not know what DHCP was and didn't understand what I was talking about. (Typical "did you check your proxy settings BS)

They actually referred me to a forum site to check my TCP/IP settings! UGH. They would not give me to Level II support  until I did that. Gave me a ticket number, told me to try it, and if it didn't work, call back.

I waited 20 minutes, did nothing, and called them back. I got to Level II support. They stated they had never heard of that happening before. They did a full reset on my modem and we had to go through the recommissioning process. No big deal. It still wasn't fixed. They then gave up on me, apparently.

Because I HATE calling support for DW, I just went and dumped $50 on a Linksys router and set it up to do DHCP for my network. I was perfectly happy having the DW6000 do it for me without the router.

Has anyone had this problem? Is there a way to get into the software on the DW6000 and force the DHCP server to start? I have read extensively on sites that have hacks to get into the programming of the modem, but nothing has mentioned anything about DHCP.

Any ideas are welcomed.

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I have been using Reset6000 ever since I got it. Resetting the device does not reset the DHCP portion.

In the advanced settings, there is a view "DHCP Server Statistics". When you bring that up, it states "Not Running"

I have tried to mull through all the commands you can send the appliance, but none seem to fit the bill.

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