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P2P used to work great, but recently took a dump...same for you guys?


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I have 6000 and I used to get great download speeds using P2P software (azureus), like 100k during the no-fap time period. It never really worked that great during normal hours, but would work fine from 12-3 and than later when they changed it to 11-4 (pacific time). However just starting within the last few weeks, I can only get a max of maybe 5k down if I'm lucky, even when there's plenty of seeds/peers, etc. Anyone have any ideas of what's going on? Dway change something? Is anyone using a different app that's still working?


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From what I've read, is Hughesnet is 'Encouraging' users on the older modems to 'upgrade' via heavy throttling(in a kind of random looking way). And also moving those users on to less beams that are more crowded. Eventually most of all the KU band home users will have to pay big bucks to upgrade to the Spaceway3 KA band platform(HN9000). But some are getting an upgrade to the HN9000 for cheap(all new equipment).

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My wife called tech support a week ago on our unit.  We had the wrong proxy ip address in IE, it changed back to 192.XX.  Speeds are back up across the board.

I do some limited P2P w/ utorrent.  Was averaging 125k D/L yesterday morning during the FAP free hours on my DW6000 (20 to 25k U/L).  It has essentially given us that speed from 2004'ish when we bought it.  I did notice a burst speed for a second evey two minutes; the speed would drop down to 50k then spike to nearly 200k and settle back to 125k.  utorrent has a run time speed monitor.  I do not have the proxy server option checked on, but it has the old 69.XX proxy address is greyed out.

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