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How can I Access my canopy?


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i cant access my canopy, ive read the then also ive tried the thing still no luck

even i tried arp -a but still i cant access my canopy  i hope you guys can help me  :angel:

Try reading this thread , read through the replies to this post , see if it might work for oyu.

But from what I understand your going to have to ontact your ISP. It's usually accessed through a browser using an IP, and logging in through a popup. The specific address and login will have been setup by the ISP that provided the hardware. That goes with that specific hardware.

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My Canopy is in DHCP mode any method to disable it? i can't do the override plug coz my antena is way to up high

and btw the technicians that came to my aprtment set my lan speed to 100mbps instead of 10mbps which i paid them P500

terrific isnt it? :police:

How much would it be for less bandwidth ?

I'm thinking you might need to make a dreaded call to smartbro.

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