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[glow=red,2,300][/glow] :angry:

Just got FAPed for the first time. Not fun--son downloading some tunes on limewire in middle of night. Checked hughesnet stats--download was really not bad for total

around 50 mbs . It was the upload from other computers accessing files. I am only alowed 300mbs daily on upload    500 download-with Elite Package--went over and Hughes slowed me down to dialup speed.  Found out we can close off access when doing this next time.

Thanks Hughes--had to mention the fact that my internet was down for two weeks because of their faulty equipment that needed to be replaced--small blessing their supposed to give me a credit.  Wont hold my breath. Must be the satellite stuff only, Sons on cable and can do tons more and does not get FAPed.

This sound normal??

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I thought it was 500MB in the download and upload direction. 500Mb for total data traffic. Unless Hughes does not have that on it's site. Unless you are reading 300Kbps 'upload speed' under the '500Mb download limit' on the Xplornet site.

Those file sharing programs people forget about the 'sharing' part.

There is a flash plugin on CNN.com that is called something like the octopus. It is actually a filesharing program, so CNN saves on bandwidth, by having the users feed upstream the streaming data to other users. Too much money behind it to close the companies doors instantly.

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Yes its 300mps on its own for upload 500 on its own for download--didnt think about whether they combine the totals, does not appear so-- files for each are separate on hughes log,but I am going to ask. I am not a big user by any means, and the folks at xplornet said they could see that, just happened. I usually use around 45-65 mps in a day,biggest part I think from updating laptop for work from mainframe at Sysco. Folks at xplornet are actually some of the best people to deal with as far as dealing one on one with actual persons. Good NewBrunswick east coasters!!

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