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ok so i was wondering...it usually is cheaper for me to build a system instead of a prebuilt one...but on newegg (only place i can purchase from online) its gotten more expensive with just a few parts needed for my build than it is to buy a cyberpower pc build already made..but i dont like buying towers prebuilt.

whats the best advice? tower or build your own

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Really it depends on what you want and just how much you want to spend. Imho Dual Cores are still the way to go. The quads just don't have the software to really utilize all 4 cores. They even say with games the quads see a preformance loss compared to the dual cores.

I will slap a new 2.9 dual core with 4 gig of matching ram and a nice surge protector and the total cost is about 160.00. Now if I would of spent the cash on the surge protector the first time I would not be doing this upgrade.

With up upgrades and windows 7 think my box should be good to go for a couple two or three years. If I was gonna build I would go with a barebones setup. Something like to start out,


Then add to it as money allowed. Just my 2 cents. With the upgrades and the Amount of time I have already had this box, I will probally get 7 or 8 years before its time for a new build.

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Don't forget you want to be future prof, so buying just a dual core might not cut it if you don't want to a major upgrade (mother board and cpu) in 2 years time

The price of Quad is not that bad i would go quad if i were you

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yeah right now my pc i've built recently is a socket am2 board with a amd athlon 64x2 5600+ 2.8ghz overclocked to 3.1

but it also has an evga 7950GT 512mb pci express...

but as far as my upgrading is concerned on this pc i would have to get a new board with a AM2+ slot and a pci express 2.0 slot. so all in all i'd rather just build a new one. because this computer is needed elsewhere so it would also be easier for me to have 2 towers. 

i currently have 2 towers but one is an emachines that is so old it seriously takes 10 minutes to boot up and thats after tweaking and adding ram and a new pci slot video card!!!!!

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anything under 300. would like under 250 if possible lets say...i would like the geforce 295 but jeeeez too much for a card almost 600!!! my 7950GT was top of the line when i bought it and it was only 300

i was thinking of the geforce 260. but not sure.

also so it is true that pcie 2.0 is fine to put into a pcie x16 (not 2.0) slot???

edit woops, sorry. fixed the price range

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Don't make the mistake that I did and buy a dual gpu card from Nvidia [ I have a 9800GX2 ] Nvidia give up on driver support too soon, mine was out dated in 3 months. It's a waste of money. Is that $400.00 for the whole computer.  Along with the cpu / motherboard / video card what else do you need.

Edit- Do you want to stay with AMD.

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ok as far as upgrading my amd system i'd need a new powersupply bigger than my 500 watt.. so here is what i thought for my upgrade on that...

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817152031  powersupply

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130370 graphics card  This card will work on a pci express x16 10 slot even though its made for a 2.0 slot RIGHT????

that would make my price for the upgrading on my current system at around 260 bucks...not bad. and i'll probably keep my 2 gigs of ram and not upgrade as well as keeping my 2.8ghz dual core cpu.

and as far as my new build i want to do im still looking and deciding parts.

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I read somewhere it could be 1% to 5%. Some people say there is no performance hit at all,because most 1.0 PCI cards do not use all of the bandwidth that the 1.0 PCI slot had to offer. Your cpu will probably be your bottleneck not your video card.

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I finally got off my lazy butt and looked into the hole dual core vs quad core. They way I am understanding it is this.

If your into multi-tasking allot, Do a allot of video editing and ripping of dvd/Cds and or running dual monitors then go with a quad.

If your just your average gammer, then Dual is the way to go.

How much disposible cash you have is a biggie as well. Quads are super expensive compared to the duals.

Speaking from experience with Video cards I found, With just a dual core and and cheep 8800gt card I can run Even Crysis full blast as well as microsoft filght simulator X with expansion pack. . With windows 7 heading our way, if that OS works out and I think it will, how big and bad a video card is will almost be a mute point. If you really want to spend 300 or more dollars on a video card thats cool, its your cash. IMHO a video card in the 150 range will be just fine. Windows 7 is supposed to utilize the cpu when the video card is unable to keep up.

Again, from the way I understand things, the bottleneck (your computer gets slowwwww) is not in the cpu. Its more of a motherboard issue.. Some believe a quad will really speed up the average computer. I simply dont think it works that way. Its not the cpu thats the issue. Its manily the motherboard issue. Data can only tavel as fast as the motherboard can carry it.

I am NOT so much a hardware geek. I am more software informed. Just started picking up info when the quad cores hit. I wanted to know is more better. Generally speaking Its not looking to good for the quads. Just my 2 cents. 

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