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Canopy Reset(To those who can't access their canopy. Try this.)


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This isn't mine. It's Topherz biggrin.gif

Recently I accidentally enabled the DHCP of my Smartbro Canopy. After that I can't access my canopys configuration page. I tried to reset it using the override plug but I don't know where to buy the 6 pin rj 11plug, so what i did is I reseted it using my router. Here's how!

* Remove all the LAN connections on your router including the WAN port, except the connection of your computer to your router. Only your computer is connected to your router.

* Connect Smartbro Canopy to LAN port of your router beside the connection of your computer. Example: ( computer on LAN 1, canopy on LAN 2 )

* On your computer open your command prompt, type ipconfig/all, check the IP address. Example:( )

* This is now the IP address of your canopy your routers IP address is, just add 1 to the last number)

* Open now your canopys configuration page using this IP address which is You can now change the DHCP settings of your Smartbro Canopy to disabled.

* After you disabled the DHCP of Smartbro Canopy, the IP address is now back to normal e.g,( )

what i did is..
I connected my Smart Bro Canopy to the Lan Port including my lan connection.. both of them are connected to my lan ports.. After that i tried to acces my canopy and it works.smile.gif
Im sharing it. biggrin.gif

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This works. I've tried it as well when I accidentally enabled the DHCP in my canopy.

Here's what I did:

1. Turn off your router.

2. Unplug the power from the antenna.

3. Turn back the router on and attach the PC LAN cable to one of the LAN ports.

4. Plug the antenna back to the power then plug the antenna LAN cable to one of the LAN ports of the router.

5. Do an IPCONFIG in the command prompt. In my case my IP address was The settings in my Linksys router lists as the starting IP for DHCP allocation.

6. How to did I find out the IP address of the canopy? Try pinging the range of the IP addresses set by your router. Since my IP address on the PC was, I guessed that the canopy's IP might be But I didn't get any replies so I tried pingin and I got ping replies and I was able to access the canopy thru a web browser.

7. Go to the DHCP setting then disable it. Save then reboot.

8. You can now attach the canopy's cable directly to your PC's LAN card or on the Router's WAN/Internet port. From here you can now access the canopy normally like you used to.

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