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I am now 22 hours into a 24 hour fap.  My son swears he was just watching you tube nothing more---128 mb used in one hour and the next between 7-8pm 450mb

Checking my usage on Huges Net to find this out. I have a threshhold of 500mb  download  per 24 hours--can just streaming some vids do this?? That seems like alot to use in one hour.

Is there any way to find out what did this, I have never had that much used in 1 hour. :angry:

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Depending on the videos file size........................ YES. Especially if he uses the newish YouTube High Definition video's.

Now for the 450MB, Some videos on YouTube from CBS can be at least 30MB's for 12 minutes of viewing. I have not checked in a while for exact numbers.

A 5 minute video can be 14MB as well. With 700KB of upload on top of that.

Don't ever let him near the Apple Movie trailers site. Those can do 30MB's in one preview.

Depending on your setup, there is a bandwidth monitor to load in to your router. Or if you have only one system connected direct to the modem, then a software bandwidth monitor.


Or the authors site.


Also if you try to surf during Hughesnet FAP, you may extend your 24 hours.

And also scan your system with MalWareBytes anti malware to be sure you are clean.


Download, install, update and then scan in about 3 minutes worth of time.

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