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Simple fixes for problems related to IE 8


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By Dennis O'Reilly

If the installation of Internet Explorer 8 knocks your Windows desktop for a loop, you may be able to repair things without having to revert to an earlier version of the browser.

Restoring explorer.exe or refreshing your network connection could be all that's required to return a shattered system to working order.

Every software installation or update is fraught with peril. You never know when a relatively minor system change will cascade into a big-time headache.

In the June 11 Known Issues column, computer repairman Bob Millard described how he restored several XP notebook systems for his clients after the installation of IE 8 resulted in blank desktops (no icons, no nothing). We subsequently heard from several readers who offered additional, straightforward solutions to similar problems that IE 8 had induced or worsened. Travis Walden's approach, which restarts Windows' Explorer shell, is about as simple as fixes get:


Starts half way down the page!

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dang me Coknuck,I missed it first time look see , ( I have a 19 inch LCD monitor , it turned up

near 3/4 of the page down , :evil2:

I  run I.E 8 , I took it as a stand alone download, ( I have automatic download turned off  on my XP pro )

ever since then I have had any aleration to a forum reply I make . not just on TMN forum jumping all over the place , or is my puter , anyone else seeing this ????

before I do a clean reinstall ,or remove IE 8 , ?

otherwise IE is running fast and stable for me , and no I ain't looking at Firefox, I just been trying Firefox USB portable on a memory pen ,  it just reminded me why I gave it up years back,

I place it in the same category as word perfect  ,

Yeah , I go that far back , :lol:

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