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2 routers on a network


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I'm not experienced w/ the dlink but generally, turn of the DHCP server in the second router, otherwise it shouldn't work, because the first one is trying to lease each device an IP. And there would be a IP conflict.  the first with the server on,  should give the second router an IP, and every device there after.

I would use the Linksys for the first device, then the dlink in port one ( port one for organization , nothing else ) .

Before you start, make sure the second router is set to defaults other then turn the DHCP server off. If you can, then do the same with the first, other then make sure the DHCP server is turned on .

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Sounds like fun.  I have two Linksys router both running DHCP off the same cable modem.  The line come in from the cable modem to the first Linksys.  This one provides internet both wireless and cabled to the computers, Xbox360, and DVD player.  Ther is also a cable going from this to the second Linksys to provide wireless to the cell phones.  Both router provide different IP address's.  So in essence two seperate networks.  The reason for the second wireless is it has propirety firmware from T-Mobile that seems to allow the phones to work better.  I also forgot, I also have a Linksys wireless bridge connecting a printer and another computer through a Linksys workgroup switch.

I can connect to either wireless router and get full internet access.  So it is possible to have more than one router on the network.  It can take a little work.  In you case the router that does not provide DHCP is acting like a workgroup switch.

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