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  1. If you indeed have a legitimate copy purchased by you it is time to call MS to plead your case that your key has been stolen. If you are convincing enough they might give you a new key to input into the software. Keep in mind that if a friend gave you Office or Windows after they installed it on their computer it is not a legitimate install. The end user license normally allows the installation of the software on only one computer at a time. Remember MS has nothing to lose by not giving you a new key. In the case of XP there are certain items you can upgrade without it triggering the WGA even though it is solely your copy. One of these is the motherboard. I believe if that is changed XP detects this as a new computer and does not allow the computer to validate. Another thing that catches people is the purchase of OEM software that is supposed to be sold with a particular model computer. It could give the same WGA message because it did not detect specific hardware that was expected by Windows. All the above pretty much applies to Vista also.
  2. As long as the last set of numbers in the IP address are different and the subnet are the same ther should be no problems with the crossover. Example: Computer A: Computer B: If Computer A is connected to to a network already it would be better to have a router or a 4-5 port switch.
  3. I have been using Mac myself for about 6 months now. Still use Windows on a regular basis but I like the Mac. Some things are easier because alot of what you do in windows is built into Mac. Initially things will be difficult but stick it out and you like the Mac. Myself I do not differentiate between Mac and PC. PC is "Personnal Computer", which Mac and Windows both are.
  4. Do the above, but the reason it will not allow the install with Vista loaded is it detects a newer OS and does not allow a downgrade. So as mentioned above you will first have to get rid of Vista completely then you can install XP.
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    need guides!

    SP2 does not require a product key. It will check your current version of XP that is installed to see if it is a valid install. If you have an internet connection after installing XP it will download SP2 if you do not have it during the "Update" process.
  6. Download is about what I get on Comcast, but your upload is twice what I get. As what is mentioned, it depends on the package you are paying for. Other than that good speeds.
  7. Just in my limited experiance yes and no. A DHCP server can be set to use the MAC address to reserve an IP address for that computer/network card only. With netware I have seen them use the MAC address to locate and connect a computer to the system. This may not be entirely true. Just what I have seen.
  8. Ok, I'm wrong. There is no Linux in OS X. But did you sign up just to point that out or do you have other things to provide?
  9. Actually Mac OS X is now based on Linux at it's core.
  10. Not to confuse you but the address that does not change on the computer is the "MAC" address. This is hard coded into the network card itself. Generally it is a unique number but it is possible for two cards to have the same number. Genrally this will not happen with in a local or most company networks though.
  11. wknight40


    Do filter for SMTP and POP3. These are the incoming and out going protocols.
  12. Unless that is where the ISP e-mail server is and that is what is being picked up instead of the IP of the actual PC?
  13. Do you have true unlimited data on the BB or still limited to 5G a month?
  14. On the Mac make sure you have Sharing enabled naturally. If you do decide to go the Remote desktop route and for some reason it gets stubborn checkout http://teamviewer.com/download/index.aspx . It works with Mac and PC and is free for personnal use. Very easy setup. Even has a module for unattended access use. Requires no port forwarding or opening of firewalls. Everything should work as you want. Just a matter of getting the settings right. I"m new to Mac and mudman won't steer you wrong.
  15. Ok, my apologies. Somehow I did not see the smilies. May give a few others something to think about though. Kinda like no cell phone use at a gas station since they can cause a car to blow up. Ya right. Any take care.
  16. The might as well get rid of the AC lines also. An improperly run AC line for your house puts out plenty of RF frequency. Even a properly wired house will put out some. The electronics in an automobile will put RF. Remember all the buzzing in the older radios that buzzed with engine RPM? And speaking of automobile, these electric will be putting out RF of some type. Nearly all electronics will in some form or other. Granted it may take longer to get a specified dose but does that really make it safer. And as far as cell phones go that RF is all around you. It's not from the tower to your phone like a string. Lets take it a little further. RF is "Radio Frequency". AM/FM radios and television all operate on RF. Again it may not be as high of a frequency as a cell phone but it is still RF and can be damaging either way. Just may not take as long. I have been using a handset against my head for about 20 years now and have yet to develope any kind of brain cancer.
  17. Rare occasions you may need to remove the battery with the power removed to clear. Again having to do this is rare.
  18. According to ehow.com telnet can be used in terminal just like dos. Things You'll Need: Mac OS X Remote computer access information 1. Go to "Utilities," then "Applications" on your Mac OS X machine. Open the "Terminal" application to start the command prompt. This line, similar to the MS-DOS prompt found in Windows, is where any number of commands can be run. 2. Determine the IP address and port number of the computer to which you wish to connect. The port number is that of the specific computer--Telnet's standard port number is 23. Since all the computers on the network will be associated with the IP address, you'll need this further identifying information. If the computer is on the Internet and has a valid DNS (Domain Name System) hostname, you can use this hostname instead of the IP address. 3. Enter the telnet command followed by the hostname or IP address and port (telnet hostname port number or telnet IP port number). If everything is configured correctly, Telnet will connect to the remote computer, and you will be presented with a login prompt or welcome screen. From this point on, anything displayed by the Telnet client comes directly from the remote computer and anything you type goes directly to the remote computer. 4. Break from the Telnet session if it becomes unresponsive. Normally, you'll be able to log out of a Telnet session with the correct server commands, effectively ending the Telnet session. However, if the Telnet session becomes unresponsive, you'll have to end it manually. Since every key press is sent directly to the server, you have to use the Telnet escape sequence: ~^] instead of a typical escape sequence. After pressing that, you'll be back in a Telnet client-side command prompt, and you can use the "quit" command to exit Telnet. 5. Use Telnet for debugging purposes. Telnet is used not only to connect to remote Telnet services, but also to connect to any remote service. Since most services work on an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) text protocol, you can connect to a remote service--such as the http service on port 80, used to serve web pages--and enter the HTTP request manually as opposed to entering the URL in a web browser.
  19. Linksys is naturally out of the question since it is a modded device. If they do not have the manual on the website for download or a wiki explaining the settings the next best thing to do is look the settings/terminology up on the internet. You may be able to answers to a specific qustion by asking about that specific setting in the router. Did not see a listing for manuals on their site.
  20. Do they both have the same bios version? Do they both have the same chipset updates, not windows, from Acer?
  21. Try this thread for Vista tweaks. http://www.testmy.net/t-18907
  22. Keep in mind most laptops are not made for gaming so do not expect Call of Duty to play any better on the laptop. It might but chances are unless you buy one that is specifically made for gaming you will be disappointed. Other than that get the one with the most CPU, HDD, and RAM that you can afford. No preferance in order.
  23. It is still help is it not? The second link has a link it that goes directly to the knowledge base of Linksys which actually makes the router he is using. Besides I have seen a lot threads on here that have links to other sites for additional help. Also if someone else has already written it out is not easier to just give a link instead of typing everything all over again. You yourself have given me links to other sites when I first got my Mac and I appreciate those links. They have helped me in heading off problems before they turn up. Again thank you for those links.
  24. Have you tried a "System Restore"? Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore or something along those lines.
  25. Did a quick search and found these two articles. The second may be of particular interest. http://www.ehow.com/how_2308651_use-router-as-repeater.html http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/10617-43-using-linksys-wap54g-repeater
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