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there are tons of guides and things on this very site to make your connection faster

such as: Here

and Here

and there are plenty more. i am on my ps3 so i cant post much because its kind of time consuming, but let me know if that works or not and i'll post up more stuff.

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Thanks man you do a great job. :grin: The next question that i wanna know is that, i am a boy of 17 only but still am good in computer lets say i am advanced in computer software and a bit in hardware, but i wanna learn hacking, it is my best hobby since i was 9 and i tried to lean a thousand times but couldnot do it from the beggining. I mean i dont hack othercomputer for fun and illigellay, i just wanna learn this and want to hack my friends computer and see if they are planning  against me.......... hahahaha.........like that............ ok till now, i have got an idea to get the ipadress of the person in email or even in chat......i have got the use of ip address too, i go to dnsstuff.com give the ip and retrive some innformation. By doing these simple things i have amaged a computer prrofessional here while he was chatting with me. Can you link me to the website which teaches hacking form the beggining and have software to do so,. Take this that i am a good student, if i involve in something completely, i dont come out until i am fully indluged to it, BY the way can you personally teach me hacking if you know or else make a way out for me learn hacking............... REMEMBER :smitten: i wont do anything illigel if i learn . i know hackking is a proffessional that cannot be mastered over night it need regular learning, creative  mind, hackers mind, and full concentration. well i think i can have so........... plz advice me if this is wrong..........plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :police:

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Well I'm glad to hear that your interested in something, and that you joined testmy.net coldplay.parli , but this is not the place for discussing hacking someone elses machine, even if it;s for fun, it's illegal to do that. And this site does not condone it, nor will we discuss direction as to how to do so.

Have a read, the  forum rules are a great place to start. Enjoy :)

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