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Vista password recovery


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I do alot of small side jobs for people with pc trouble. I am seriously scratching my head on this one. Friends teenage son has a HP Mini with vista on it. He has forgotten his password. I thought it had xp on it so i said i could fix (oops) Not as familiar with vista i am coming into problems fixing this.

First problem is only user available is him as admin

Second problem is no cd drive on a mini.... booo

Third problem i have no external cd drive

I do have usb flash drives and external drives. Also have a usb floppy drive.

Any suggestions on how to get the OS to fully load without password?

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Thanks for the advice.

I am not sure about this it says to burn a cd and the pc it needs to go on cant be logged into at all and has no cd drive.

Will it work on a usb drive?

Any advice on maybe tryn to get linux to boot from a usb drive there is many portable choices.

I was looking at this.  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/

Due to my very slow internet speed it will take me years to try them out and with little linux knowlage i have no clue on what one to get.

Any advice appreciated.

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Goto to the HP website and download the manual for that particular manual.  It will tell you haw to access the recovery partition.  With this you should then be able to access the "Recovery Console".  Not sure if that will allow you to reset the password or not.  While there you also have the option of doing a full recovery of the computer.  Not sure if an install option with out destroying the current OS is available.  Worst case scenario you will be able to do a full recovery of the PC and teach the punk a lesson for forgetting his password.

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After tons of research and countless amounts of downloads i have found a program that works for vista to reset or change the password. Thank you to all who have posted.

I will not post how i did this unless an admin asks me to do so. I do not want to break any rules nor go through the policy's set on this forum.

You guys are great always a fast reply to my weird questions i ask :)

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