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Someone please define:



I thought Kbps means 1000 bits per second, and I thought kB/s equals 1000 bytes (8 bits) per second.

My recent upload test result is:

1185 Kbps or 1.2 Mbps (145 kB/s)

However when I divide 1185 Kbps by 8 bits, the result is 148.125 bytes per second and not 145 kB/s.

Also, I believe 1024 bytes equal one kilobyte.  So, 145 kB equals 148480 bytes, and that times 8 bits per byte equals 1187840 bits and not 1185 kilobits.  So no matter how I calculate, 1185 Kbps doesn't seem to equal 145 kB/s.  Help! :angry:

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The trick is that the connection speed (the kbps/mbps number) uses base 10 for the prefixes, while the download speed (to harddisk for example) uses base 2. Thus to go from kbps to KB/s (should actually be KiB/s) you divide by 8.192.

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