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Net Stat Application


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The netstat command symbolically displays the contents of various network-related data structures for active connections.


-arp Displays address resolution interfaces.

-cdlistats Shows statistics for CDLI-based communications adapters.

-clear Clears all statistics.

-num Shows network addresses as numbers. When this flag is not specified, the netstat command interprets addresses where possible and displays them symbolically. This flag can be used with any of the display formats.

-protocol protocol Shows statistics about the value specified for the protocol variable, which is either a well-known name for a protocol or an alias for it. A null response means that there are no numbers to report. The program report of the value specified for this variable is unknown if there is no statistics routine for it.

-routinfo Shows the routing tables, including the user-configured and current costs of each route.

-routtable Shows the routing tables. When used with the -stats flag, the -routtable flag shows routing statistics. See Routing Table Display.

-socket Specifies that network sockets are to be displayed.

-state Shows the state of all configured interfaces.

The interface display format provides a table of cumulative statistics for the following items:



Note: The collision count for Ethernet interfaces is not shown.

Packets transferred

The interface information that is displayed also provides the interface name, number, and address, as well as the maximum transmission units (MTUs).

-stats Shows statistics for each protocol.

Interval Continuously displays information, in seconds, regarding packet traffic on the configured network interfaces.

Iv'e had this around for a while as a resource. There are more flags available depending on what information your looking for. I use it when I need to see what connections are active and listening on a machine.

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