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peak time vs off time


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I'm just wondering what the usual drop off rate in speeds between peak time and off time. During the mornings and afternoons I usually get my full 2 meg service. but then around 5-10pm, I barely get .5 megs. That's not fast enough to do anything with.  I know theirs gonna be a speed difference, but getting only 25% of what i should be getting just doesn't seem right.

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I'm on Telus DSL and if they don't have room at the node, well no more signups and then an upgrade has to happen for more card(user) space and bandwidth. I'm running new firmware in my modem that has removed a teeny, tiny glitch in my line signal. Resulting in better streaming. Maybe next time I'm bored, I'll try the latest firmware. But accidentally bricking a modem is always a thought.  But a new one costs 60 bucks.

Cable unfortunately likes to just keep piling people on to the node and eventually upgrade the bandwidth. But have you heard??? 100Mbps speed packages for the cost of an arm and half a leg.  Download your torrents at 500Kbps, instead of 75Kbps, with all that speed.

Satellite........... Well surf in the midnight hours and avoid primetime on more populated beams.

Wireless? Well as long as you have a clean signal without interference, then it's the bandwidth the tower system has.

This ISP is a bit crappy.


And tech support is all wet.

The there are those people who rarely surf in the times outside of primetime and don't notice how fast the system can be, when everyone else is working.

I remember dialup and having a fast connection of 32Kbps, until the kids got to their homes from school and started using the landline phones and then a guaranteed disconnect to a slower 23Kbps. Thanksgiving and mothers day, the speed was about 15Kbps. Not even worth trying to surf.

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.5 megs is fine for surfing but i dont do much surfing, i like to watch a lot of video. And it really sucks when you try and watch a video that only 30 seconds long take about 5 minutes to load. Plus i like watching the high quality stream when i can.

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