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Windows 7 product key for upgrade version


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I am looking to see if the product key that comes with an "upgrade version" is compatible with a clean version of W7. As a student, I get a pretty awesome deal on the W7 upgrade edition, but I want 2 copies and I only have one copy of Vista, which is 32 bit anyways and I want x64. Also, I already have a copy of W7 installed and I don't want to go through the reformatting. Will a key for an upgrade version legitimately activate a clean version install? MS's website is somewhat ambiguous about that. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/windows7/Installing-and-reinstalling-Windows-7

I just wish I had a discount on the full version as well.

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gawd i hate some of danasoft BS ! useless clutter.

I was told yesterday that you could wipe the drive, and install 7. I can't verify that , I'll let you guy's and MS work out the bugs until at least the second SP before getting into that jazz.

It is an interesting question "32/64 bit, should be on the same disk no ? If not, MS is just being the corporate entity they are exercising there right to be capitalists.

But we all would like more then one copy of MS w/o having to purchase a volume license, or more keys. Please, let us know what you come up with either way.

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I'm running a W7 Ultimate OEM. Your right I installed it on a clean hard drive and have had not problems. 32 bit & 64 bit are on the same disk. It installs a 32 bit OS, later after if you want you can put the disk back in and upgrade to 64 bit. I'm staying with the 32 bit for a while. I see no reason to go 64 bit right now. You can always upgrade, but to down size you got to reformat and start over. :wink:

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