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Best Gaming Headset

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Ok, I must have a nice headset

Something proven, NO EAR SWEATING ALLOWED hehehe I cant stand that jazz at times I will have them on the head for 6-10 hours

great sound quality is a must, doesnt have to be wireless, I cant stand wires, but I dont want something wireless and sacrifice anything for it, anything.

The mic must be one of those that moves like a snake, (I'm sure there is a word for it ) but none of that solid plastic that just moves up and down, I have to be able to put it wherever I want to.

I have seen 7.1 sound, and blah blah, but I want something proven.

Anyone suggestions are good :)

thanks, ahead of time for your input.

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Yes, yes, thats it, you are so smart , your my hero for the day :):):) hehehehee thank you , that reminded me of this one night around 18 years ago when ........ erm, well yea, maybe better left alone hehehee

I think the word you are searching for is "Flexible"!

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hahaha well yes, a system like that would submerse you in to it I agree.

I use a headset mainly for customer service calls, help desk , skype , this type of thing. And when I get a minute, a game. And thse cheap lightweight POS I have now lasted no more then a few months, and made my head hurt.

I was looking at the turtles, and people kept saying the crackling sounds, bad battery longevity , and bad ear sweats, I looked on newegg , and some other place I dont remember, the better part of the reviews said crackling and wifi interference. So i dunno, still lookin, thanks for the post thogh :)

I've heard that turtle beach or tritons are the best. I've never used either one of them. I don't like wearing a huge headset while i'm playing a video game. I'll stick to my 1200 watt 7.1 Onkyo systems

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