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Jobs act spills into every government agency


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Nothing like using all the resources at your disposal for your POLITICAL AGENDA LMAO !!!! Geezus , the clinton machine has got nothing on the obama regime .

Have a look at some of the sites most would think might have nothing to do with this " pass it now " or the sky will fall " jobs act . Which seems more reminiscent of all the stimulus billions , oops , trillions that have worked oh so well hey ?


Dept of Education


Dept of Energy


Dept of Urban development (HUD)


Dept of Interior


Dept of Labor


Dept of Treasury


Dept of Agriculture (USDA)


Dept of Veterans Affairs ( the VA )

With a little searching you may yield quite a few more places where this jobs act is being pushed.

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Sure , they all need reforming to an extent , some much more then others. More like putting it back into the peoples hands.

But thats not the issue , it has more to do with a political agenda being pushed on all forms of public means of information. It is a bill that obama and his people are trying top get passed , by making it appear as if it is for all the people.

When you compare the types of things that are happening with this type of political mechanism , such as the 4 million dollars spent to house 12 homeless people , the Solyndra " thingy " , the how many trillions spent now that were those " pass it now " types that have been utter failures and extreme financial losses for the American people. The list goes on , and on......

People are getting more and more interested in wondering why these things are happening , and starting to react negatively to the standard rhetorical sound bytes. SO, the regime is forced to push deeper into the people's lives to make it appear as if others are OK with it , and it is the thing to do.

This bill has nothing to do with jobs , no more then anything else obama has done, in fact the antithesis. It has everything to do with laminating the republicans for not passing something that obama has deemed necessary , or the place will fall to the ground , sticking to his original idea's that America needs to be fundamentally changed.

When this does not pass , and it will not , obama will point fingers at anyone opposing his agenda ( which he has deemed the only way , his way ) at the same time he is screaming democracy and fairness lol ) Obama will blame republicans for anything wrong with the USA.

Then his plan is to push this new movie about bin laden , and how he so courageously tracked him down and killed him , all for the American people , this , just before the 2012 elections.

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