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Will rsync work on images as well ( too lazy to google )

Yeah.. any server to server file transfer in linux. Works very well in my experience.

Going to be nice if I start putting up a bunch of mirrors, I'll just update the code to a local folder on my machine... then propagate it out to all the other servers. I've written it so that all servers will run on the exact same copy, not like the mirror servers have a slightly different version or something... only portions of the program are being actually utilized on the mirrors but it's just easier to make them all identical... then I just have them detect their own hostname so it knows what server it is when it executes the program. :)

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Getting closer. DC connects now. Every now and then, though, it jumps back to the original server. Take a peek at my data.

And, I'm getting two frames now, a thin one at the top that has another page in it. I think I've seen this with the original site, but not in a long while. When an auto test is done, it's taking me to the data, but the three buttons on the top right are missing - on is the force re-test button.

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