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Upload 5.8MB Error


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Works great now! :)



Werd... yeah, there was a shit load of bugs I've had to work out over the last 48 hours after the mirror addition. There was more to that addition than it appears. I had to make it function the way it does without having duplicate information. If I just through a clone of the site online search engines would ding me for the duplicate content.

Thanks for helping me spot that, one of those variable specific errors that I could duplicate on my end no matter how hard I tried. But we nailed it down in the end, working on that also helped me refine allot more code so it was a good bug in the end. :-P

I've worked all day and all night until the Sun came up for pretty much the past week straight. God, I hope I'm at a point that I can take a little break. System seems to be kicking out number the way it should, no anomalies... so I might get to have a weekend! WOO HOO!

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