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Setting up a cron for rsync on a non conformant port


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I've been mirroring files from a remote server to a local server, always always have a backup. Using the following

rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p xxxx' [email protected]:/var/ /var
Typing it in is not an issue, if i remember to do it every few days. I know I need a key to allow the cron access , or not ask for a password each time defeating the automated process. Iv'e made my key on the local server and tried uploading it to the remote server
scp /root/rsync/key.pub [email protected]:/root

Which fails due to not being on port 22

So thats actually where I'm stuck. I know I need to specify the proper port , and have tried several things but it always fails, I'm obviously not getting it right.

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Isn't that always how it is??

With me it is. I'm always looking deeper into what I may have borked . You would think i might learn to just take a step back and look at the surface.

Everything running as it should. Iv'e set up a local snap server using rsnapshot. Now to redo it all on that 1650 running raid 1 mirror, and include the entire server with databases.

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