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I found that the DHCP is turned on in the DW6K.  I have the DLink Router set as DHCP Server to the LAN. As I'm on the commercial side of SatMex 5, I have a Static IP. I understood from an earlier reading on this site that DHCP should NOT be turned on in both the DW6K and the router. One or the other or the speed is decreased.  If my speed is decressed anymore, I will be sending this last week. It has been very bad since the DW6K was installed . Level III even sent me a new modem to see if that solved the problem.  It runs anywhere from 150  to 890 but most of the time around 500. It was at 1500 for a month just after I had been looking at the back of the eyeballs of level II. Something was done on their end to improve the thru put.  Then after a couple of weeks, back to the slower speeds again. Direcways phone cost and man hours with me must have cost their stock at least 2 points!

How do I turn off DHCP in the DW6K???

Bob Moorman, Trinity Texas

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Firewall is off, DHCP cannot be turned off....

The way I had my router set up was like this....

DW6000 was plugged into the wan port, so no DHCP was allowed past the wan.

My router was configured to be, my wan port was and my default gateway was, seemed to work ok for me, did not notice any speed issues because the speed is never stable anyway.

Then you can use your router to issue IP's on the 192.168.1.* range...

The only static IP you will have is on the DW6000, not your puters, but you can set them static, but I would not, static IP is not a good idea, unless you like hackers, your always on connection and a static IP is an invitation for them to play with you, so the modem plugged into the wan port works best, dont leave your network open, remember, the firewall is not up on the DW6000.

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I know theres a way to turn the firewall on, Ive done it before, but i dont remember how.

BTW, as long as you have a consumer account with DWay, you dont have to worry much about hackers.  With the NAT they have set up on their end, its quite hard to access our computers.

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