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Delete account please

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Is it possible to delete my account and the shared tests? I did not realize that the test results with my name would be shared when I used my real name for user name (user name = jeff______). I would like to create a new account with another user name if possible.



Hi Jeff,

Just let me know what username you'd like and I'll sort it all out for you :wink: --- I now have a notice on the registration screen to inform people ahead of time. (see attachment)

Thanks for continuing to use my site, please pass it along,


  • If you need your account deleted for whatever reason Contact TMN - If you only need to delete test results please read about how to Delete Scores instead.

Thank you. I will use _______ for username. I really like the testmy.net site and tools.



Hey Jeff,

Thanks, it's my life's work. I've poured more time into programming that site than anyone can even imagine. I appreciate the support.

I took care of that for you. Please re-test to log results under the new username. Give me a little time to execute the commands to move over your old results...


- Damon


I very much appreciate your doing this. It is rare to get such prompt and effective help from anyone these days. I will definitely keep using testmy.net and recommend to others. Don’t worry about transferring old results if it is any effort. I’ll be using the automatic testing again so I don’t need the initial tests.


Cool, no problem. I take my site very seriously... it's how I support my family. I'm more involved than most webmasters... I don't want you sitting around waiting for a response. You've got a connection to test :razz:

Let me know if you need anything else... no, I don't have winning lottery numbers. :razz:




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