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Windows 8 and SSD's


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I just built my new system today. Had a question since this is my first computer with a SSD. I did a clean install of windows 8 pro. I was wondering do I need to change any settings since I'm using a SSD. I know you never defrag a SSD since it doesn't need it. Dose windows 8 turn this off by default? Also what is TRIM? I have heard the term before but don't really know what it is. Gotta say I'm amazed at the difference a SSD makes its like night and day. Thanks for the help.

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Ok good to know. Only other thing I'm worried about is the life of my SSD. I know a SSD can only do so many read and write cycles. About how long should it last me? Do I really need to worry about writing and deleting files to much?


i wouldn't! like all types of storage making paraodic backups on a different drive is always a good thing and from everything i've read they actually should have better life than a traditional HDD

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