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Results drastically differ from other speed tests

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Why does your test drastically differ from Speedtest.net? While they say I have 64 down & 12 up, you say I have 8 down & 10 up (both in Mbps).


Hey Ralph,

I see you're running OSX.  I had the same problem... trust me, TestMy.net is correctly assessing your system.  The other guys have a highly flawed methodology and it doesn't detect anything in comparison to TestMy.net.  TMN is much more sensitive, my goal is to make it hard for you to get a good result.  I believe a harder test uncovers more and in turn helps more people pull more from their connections... which is my other goal, to help people get more.  I can't do that if I stroke egos and pump out BS scores like my competition does.   :wink:
I think that article will DEFINITELY help you, it's exactly the situation you're dealing with.  Like I said, I had the same issue in OSX a while back.  If you read through that topic you'll see other people who report improvement after upgrading.  If you're able to find the true root of the issue please update that topic.  I upgraded and it was fixed before I really solved the issue on my own computer.
Please also see https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/ to help understand why TMN is different.  What is boils down to... TestMy.net is a real test.  There really is no other test that works the same way... trust it, put it up to a meter, it works.  Other tests may tell you different because they aren't truly testing you or some of their methods are masking the issue.   :wink:  -- as I said, they operate on highly flawed methodology.  Read that topic, the information comes from their own wiki.  They clearly admit themselves that they alter their users results... if the result is altered, in my opinion it's rendered NULL.  I hope you agree... if you don't, fix your issue then come back and re-test.  You'll quickly realize who's really testing you... 
You can still enjoy comfortable browsing and fast downloads you just have an intermittent single thread limitation.  I noticed on my computer it would come and go, which made it VERY difficult to nail down.  But trust me, it IS an issue and it IS slowing you down.  Read the posts to the first topic, people report a snappier experience after they've fixed it and are able to pull good results again from TestMy.net... speedtest.net fails to notice A LOT of things.
The most common questions I get have to do with discrepancy between my test and Ookla speed tests (makers of speedtest.net).  The type of issues that Ookla tests don't seem to notice boggles me.  Even physical issues like bad cable modems and routers go unnoticed.  Why so many people use it, I don't know. (The bandwagon is hard to pull people off of.)  If you put a meter on the line and scrutinize it closely you'll notice that it's very unreliable and provides NO useable scientific data.  TMN on the other hand will match up to the client end readings, less any overhead, every time.  -- I've also been told from a former Ookla speed test host that Ookla allows providers to adjust how much of the result to drop off. HA!  Now that really can't be good for accuracy, "Hmmm, our users aren't getting good speeds... let's just alter their speed test results and have it drop off the worst ___% of the test result before it's calculated... then tell them we only trust results from our test."  -- it's becoming common practice and I'm working to get correct information to the consumer.
After you find that TMN is right, please help by spreading the word.
Kind Regards,
- Damon - TestMy.net

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