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Why such a big difference?

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Flash is the wrong protocol to use for speed testing. Completely bad idea. There is buffering between the application and the browser and throughput bursting due to CPU usage. Flash based tests need to make adjustments for this... rough estimate adjustments of up to 40 percent. How can the test be accurate if it's being adjusted by 30-40% to offset an unknown variable. TestMy.net does not use Adobe Flash or Sun Java for testing. Our proprietary testing method uses HTML5 standard and is unlike any other speed test in existence. We have no need to make any adjustments to your results. When you test here the numbers returned are precise up to 0.0001 and are not doctored in any way. Unlike the vast majority of speed tests out there, TestMy calls it how it sees it! [Read more]




basically flash based tests, while they give good results for estimating your speeds, are not accurate at all for true speeds.

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