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How to use up upload bandwidth?

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Hello TMN,


This may seem odd, but I was wondering if I could have any tips in ways to use up my uploading bandwidth?


I am the administrator of my ISP account and pay for it, but I've had to deal with leeches using my Internet without permission. Unfortunately I am using rented equipment from my ISP which does not allow me to change the password, network name and other security options which gives me the option of either asking for new equipment (and thus a new password) or just put up with people using my bandwidth.


I have decent download capabilities but not so much with uploads so I would like to be able to crowd out any outgoing data through whatever methods are most effective when I and those who actually pay for the Internet are not using it. I've actually found that the speed tests offered here are useful in delaying uploads, but only momentarily. I have tried torrenting things as well, but I always do legal stuff and haven't had anything in too much demand (if you guys have torrents for me to upload, I volunteer my services!).


Thanks for any help with this, as I'm really getting sick of mooches.


- derpitus

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Welcome derpitus!


They don't allow you to administer the security settings?!  LAME.


What makes you think that you have a problem with leeches?  What kind of evidence do you have of this activity? Are you sure that you can't change your wifi settings?  That's abnormal.  Do you know what type of security the router uses?

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I think a WPA2, but not sure as I'm not terribly good at this kind of stuff.


I was being vague because this sounds somewhat petty, but here goes: it's this guy who's been bumming around my house and using his computer to make calls all day. He is allowed to legally be here (I rent out to other people who have him as a guest) but he refuses to contribute anything to bills so I'm trying to destroy his chances of talking on his computer all day. He also does slow down my own download speed as well, so it's definitely not a neutral case. I could make it known that he's prohibited from using my Internet, but I'd rather take the passive approach because it sounds more fun and less likely to end in an argument. Hope this doesn't sound too bad.

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AHH, so you're dealing with a bum... commonly mistaken for a leech.  lol


Okay then, so you're really not dealing with a security issue.  You gave the password out to the wrong person.  I thought your neighbors were stealing your connection.  They'd have to be pretty 1337 to jack a WPA2 connection.  It is possible though. (anything is, no such thing as secure)


I looked up "suddenlink modem configuration" and found WiFi Settings Help (help.suddenlink.com).  Detailed info on Arris, Hitron and SMC modems.  Looks to me like you can change those settings no problem.  Let me know if this helps.

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If you really cannot get into your modem, there are tools out there for Linux that you can use to cripple a Wireless network. (And by cripple, I mean cripple.) They're pretty easy to get and use, and if you're good you can even steal his information while you do it. (Not that you would.)



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