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I seem to have disappeared from the member rank list :/


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Long time lurker here. I started using the site last year after upgrading to a fibre optic connection, because I needed a realistic idea of my upload speed to configure my twitch channel. Up until now I've never had any issues with the site.


A few days ago I made the switch over to a cable provider and have seen a pretty massive speed increase, so I've been keeping an eye on the member ranks mostly out of curiosity while running a few tests. Now it seems I've completely vanished off the page, despite the fact that my average speed should be ranking me fairly high on the list. 


It's not a major issue, but I am curious as to why it happened. Does anyone have an explanation? 

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Glad you're finally posting!


I don't rank most of the time either because I usually only test my download speed.


You need to upload test more often.  That tool only considers the last 2.5 million results.  If you don't have an upload result recently you won't rank, the more popular the site gets the shorter the considered time period.  Next version I'll be revisiting the ranking system. 


Do one upload test and I bet you that you'll hit the top members list... 5th or 6th place. :wink: --- you have to keep testing to stay there.

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Yeah, pretty close! I'm happy with that, it's  a much higher average than what I was getting with my previous ISP, though still some way off the quoted speed. It will shave a good chunk off my upload/downloads times  :cool:


My speed has dropped a little over the weekend though, so I will be keeping an eye on it to see if it picks up again during the week. This is beginning to get worryingly addicting  :cheesy:

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